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Pathological Supermarket

Death of a ladies' man
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Mostly petulant.
academia, amphetamine logic, antisocial, arr, arsenic for tea, avoiding sobriety, biology, boyd rice, celibacy x 100, cherry flavoured cough syrup, cinema strange, cooking, corsetry, cox/house, dancing, death in june, defining interests in_the_negative, despising marxism, dis/gus/ting, dis/passion, do not want, drugs, empathy, ephemera, geeky-science-stuff, hostility, i will end you, intellectual terrorism, lloyd kaufman, loss of reputation, marianne faithfull, mercenary tendencies, mostly apathetic, nabakov, nobody_puts_castro_in_the_corner, not idealogical hegemony, not metal, not really serious, not rocknroll lifestyle, not sex pistols, paris hilton, pathologies, physics, pirates, questionable ethics, quiet, quitting_smoking_between_cigarettes, random acts of swashbuckling, really bad performance art, redneck zombies, reptiles, self-parody, self-ridicule, sentience, snakes, tacky as wet glue, tragic music, troma, unwillingly_online_discourse_theory, women of easy virtue, zoology