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School zones, school times, 40kmph, not so difficult. Annoying and of perhaps dubious effectiveness, but nevertheless the rules are pretty unambiguous, I personally obey them because I only just got my license and would really rather like to keep it, also because I figure road rules are normally there for a reason, regardless of whether I care particularly for the well-being of children, I think crashing into one might be a bad idea. If doing 40 is going to help that, okay, wherever I'm going can wait the extra 2 minutes it takes me to get there.

What I wish to rant about, however, is it's always the parents (usually mothers, to be honest) you see in usually 4WDs, little Timmy/Bobby/Jimmie/Katie in the back, speeding along at 60 or 70kmph, which is interesting because it's meant to be their offspring the rules are dedicated to protecting. I wonder about this kind of person. It also tends to be the sort of person, incidentally, who becomes rabidly accelerator-happy in shopping center car parks if there's a remote chance they might have to park more than 20 meters from the entrance.

Oh wait, because their offspring is in the back of the car, obviously they're safe, so it's okay to speed through those areas, other people's offspring never matter so much as one's own.

I just got tailgated and beeped in a school zone by a mother in a 4WD ten minutes ago/cut off in a car park yesterday by a similar beast, and now I need another coffee, a jolly good lie down and possibly some neurofen. Does it show?
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There's this meme going around, if you comment I will give you a letter and you list all the stuff you like beginning with that letter. Holly gave me S.

Snakes is the obvious one. I do like my fecalphiliac pythons. My two are named Pookie and Spoinky and much of this journal is devoted to their various movements. They're not that bright, but are fascinating to watch and quite calming to play with. Pookie ate 4 mice today. Planning on breeding snakes at some point; though not my two, because they're both boys and that's weird, unnatural and unlikely to produce viable offspring.

Sisters of Mercy are my favourite sad old goth band.

Studying is probably my next favourite thing to snakes. I like to write particularly long-winded essays about pointless frippery.

Spouting pointless nonsense; gosh, really?

Star Trek Mostly DS9 and TNG though.

Snoring isn't something I like so much as something I do quite noisily and with great gusto.

That's all I can think of. Oh yes, comment if you want a letter.
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Back to uni:

In class today, a "getting to know you" session in which I explained to another student that I am doing my thesis (yes, a thesis, she's a marketing student; she doesn't like "you know, academic stuff") on video games. She looked bewildered and proclaimed her confusion: apparently I don't look like a gamer.

In an ideal world, we'd all wear armbands to differentiate us from normal people, but as John Sheridan would have it... This is an imperfect world.

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I have the internet again, no thanks to Telstra. Unwired, it turns out, is a good solution for anyone who wants broadband but is unable (or unwilling) to have a home phone.

Things are going well. Still quite overwhelmed with The Thesis, but the worst of it should be over soon when I finish my first draft in a few weeks; after which I look forward, hopefully, to catching up with many of you. I know I've been a crappy friend lately and been shocking at staying in touch but still wanting to see everyone sooooooooon.

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thesis is a mood
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I just spent a good ten minutes rubbing lotion onto a (considerably more co-operative than I was expecting) snake.

If you had asked me ten years ago what I would expect me to be doing with a friday night at age 26, I probably would have been really horrified to find out - firmly rubbing lotion on a snake.

... In this house, that isn't a euphemism.

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amused amused
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I just got approved to rent a house in Blackburn. It's pretty small, but it's quite nice and on a really pleasant street. New kitchen and polished floorboards. I like new kitchens AND I like polished floorboards, so it's great.

There aren't even words for how relieved I feel.

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relieved relieved
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Good things:
*Damon is moving to Melbourne in 5 weeks. See, Peter? Teh Intarwebz Boyfriend is REAL!
*My thesis appears to be under control, for a very loose definition of "control" and "under".
*CAR! My 2008 Mazda 2 Neo in "radiant ebony" (dark purply reddy black) arrived. It looks like a very fast eggplant. Photos later.

Things to be stressed about:
*Trying to find a place to live in the current rental market. It's arse, to be perfectly honest about it. Going to find another job to cover rent.
*The thesis is under control, but whether it's good enough is another matter entirely.
*It's raining and I'm supposed to drive to the airport tonight.
*One of the scaly tubes seems to have done something to his jaw that is causing him some discomfort.
*Oh, everything else. I'm good at stressing. It's one of the best bits about being pathologically neurotic.
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anxious anxious
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The sound of my thesis not getting writ. Sounds like TV.
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Today I managed to burn a 2.5cm diameter blister onto my arm using the heat lamp in the (now broken) reptile enclosure.

It didn't really hurt that much, but it looks quite nasty.

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Well, I passed my driving test finally.


I am every kind of relieved. :)

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In news of gaming, on a saturday night, when I should know better...

I got myself a wii today (Mariokart is fun), and my 360 red rings out of jealousy/spite/ineptitude of manufacturers.

Does it actually have hardware that detects when another device has been plugged into the television and decides summarily that it is being cheated on (the digital equivalent of lipstick on my collar)?

It seems to be working now... Still... Might want to get that looked at.

Anyway, I got a wii, but what I really want now is a bacon sandwich.

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