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I just did the official undergrad/honours Graduation. I'll say this for Swinburne, they do a really nice ceremony.

All I can say for the next three years is, I can't imagine anything I'd rather do with my time.

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PhD commencing. So I've decided to ruin my life...

It is, however, what I've planned to do for awhile, and is at least a somewhat healthy outlet for self-destructive tendencies. Sort of.

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... My return to Sweet Mother Sony is like a homecoming. Speaking of which, the Silent Hill of the same name is on my to-import list.

Anyone got a spare HDMI cable?

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Final honours result: H1.

First. Class. Honours.


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I just almost had my first significant car accident. Wet roads. A guy on a motorbike riding in the opposite direction fell off his bike and in front of my car.

Fortunately there was nobody in the lane beside me. Fortunately my car handles well in the wet. Fortunately I was going about 6k under the limit. Fortunately I happened to be looking at him when he fell.

Fortunately. Very fortunately.

I'm a little shaken, though probably not as badly shaken as the guy who fell off his bike.

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I just handed in my thesis.

what am i going to do now?!

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I've never felt so short and white in my life.

This weekend I spent filming Sudanese Appreciation Day. I've been filming pretty much solidly from Friday night, Saturday from 8:30am til midnight, and most of the day today. It's been one of the more remarkable weekends for me. Culturally, the Sudanese community are very similar to us (sense of humour is one common point; they're funny guys, and they love their food) and very different. Appreciation Day is the day set aside for the Sudanese Lost Boys to say thank you to the Australian community through doing charity work and putting on a concert. It's been hard work, but worthwhile.

Today, though I didn't HAVE to film for my project, the Lost Boys really wanted the footage so I went by myself (short white girl to the rescue!). It was really worth it, there was a forum on in which they opened the floor to the Sudanese people and they discussed issues relevant to their community. What particularly interested me was the debate on women's rights within the Sudanese community, and the role of women. Those opposing women's rights were primarily, I think, not opposing respect to women in general, but concerned about the loss of culture in women rejecting their role in the home. As one Sudanese woman pointed out, however, perhaps the men were more worried about their position in society. Most of the young men present, however, believed strongly in equality between genders and that was encouraging.

Altogether, the weekend was fairly amazing. I've not felt so welcome among a group: it seems to be the Sudanese way that they see everyone as friends until they demonstrate they are otherwise, this is an attitude that hopefully Australian culture can adopt. I learned a great deal about Sudanese culture and their way of life; and it makes the situation in Sudan even more worrying to me.

Now, to sift through 14 hours worth of footage...
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This financial crisis turns out to be a bad time for me money wise. Looks like my investments have suffered substantially more than I had initially thought. I sort of suppose, though, that's what I get for speculating and playing with fake money.

The thesis is nearly over but it's proving to be, at times, problematic. Especially with the amount of other coursework given, a piece of which includes volunteering with Sudanese refugees, which is amazingly eye opening and proving very much a learning experience. As a community, they're quite remarkable; considering what they have gone through, the fact that the community still wants to say "thanks for having us!" is pretty much astounding. If I'd personally have gone through much of what they have, I'd probably have a pretty big chip on my shoulder rather than an open, appreciative attitude.

I spend pretty much every waking hour working, and if I'm not working, I spend my time contemplating my own lack of functioning brain-matter. It's like somebody has filled my head with peanut butter. Only it's worse than that, because at least if it were peanut butter I could spread it over toast and have a tasty snack. I don't know why I'm writing this either, it is a perfectly good waste of words .
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Questions from Holly. Comment if you want 5 questions asked. I like this meme.

1- Religious views?
Tends towards apathy these days but I like the idea of religion, or at the very least faith. If I had to identify with a religion my mother's side is sort of lapsed muslim, but to be honest I don't relate to that much either. Usually I just want more food and a nap. Is that a religious view? :)

2- Favourite console/computer game?
Excellent question. Well, there's Leisure Suit Larry and Mortal Kombat II from when I was a young'un that get an honourable mention. Probably Chrono Trigger though, an old JRPG that was released for the super nintendo, was well ahead of its time with its non-linear narrative. Favourite game at the moment, however, is probably Soulcalibur IV, but that changes weekly.

3- Do you have any embarrasing pics of young Ash I can see? *hehe*
Yes, somewhere. My year 12 formal possibly. I will hunt them down and show you. It's not that embarrassing on his part though being as it is he looked quite dashing.

4- How is the thesis going?
Oh, okay, onto the drafting process and writing the conclusion now. Should be nearly done by the end of the month I should think. Thanks for asking. :D

5- When are we doing dinner? :D
SOON! Damon is going away for a week and a bit to Perth on Friday, but if you just want to do dinner with me somewhere at some point I'd like the company. Otherwise, when Damon gets back I will invite youse guys around for dinner/wii-playing. It'd be great fun.

Comment for questioning
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I've had a nice day.

Took the day off university work and spent the day with Damon. Fed the snakes, did a bit of video game playing. Made a trip to Ikea for another bookshelf, dropped in on my now-former work, bought a game (I'm going to swap it, however, for something not shit) now am making a roast dinner and drinking a glass of red wine. Soon I'll read a cookbook and watch something on DVD.

Life is sort of nice on days like this. Not exciting I will grant you, but definitely nice.

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